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Indiscriminate useage of antibiotics

ஜூன் 3, 2004

Nowadays indiscriminate useage of antibiotics is the norm.

It is not a good practice, however.

Dental caries can be treated with drilling and filling

without any antibiotics.

Anything that opens up the soft tissue has to be covered with

an antibiotic.

This is because the human mouth contains about four hundred

organisms. Some of them are pathogens.

That is why a human bite is considered to be very poisonous.

An infected tooth or root abscess is usually not extracted

straightaway unless there is need. Usually an antibiotic course is given

to eradicate the infection. Since there are usually some anaerobic

pathogens involved, a course of metronidazole(Flagyl) is given

together with Bactrim. Bactrim is a bacteriostatic, i.e., it stops the

growth of the bacteria and gives a chance for the White Cells to

gobble them up. While a bacteriocide kills the bacteria.

<'Occido' means 'I kill' in Latin. 'Cide' is derived from this root.

Killing father – patricide or parricide; matricide – mother; fratricide –

brother; ethnocide – killing off a particular race of type of the people;

genocide – killing human population; suicide – ‘suis’ – self, cide – kill,


This is the first line. .

After this, antibiotics come into play.

Depending upon the severity of the infection, the immunal state

of the patient, and the resistance of the bacteria, a suitable strong

antibiotic is chosen.

Root canal treatment could be given in a tooth infection with

an antibiotic coverage.

In all cases, an assessment has to be made based on the

parameters which are applied to the patient.

Such articles should be written in Tamil also.




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