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Fwd: Back Pain – Reversr Gravity machine is a cure?

நவம்பர் 16, 2009
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Subject: Back Pain – Reversr Gravity machine is a cure?

A friend of mine queried is reverse gravity machine treatment is effective? I wish knowledgeable readers can share their experience to know better on this!!

Gravity Inversion To Relieve Back Pain

Gravity inversion is also called hanging or anti-gravity. ‘Anti-gravity’ is a misnomer. So is “hanging.’ But never mind that. The gravity inversion procedures called anti-gravity and hanging do actually work when used for treating back pain. 

A better term might be ‘reverse-gravity’ or ‘gravity inversion therapy’. Your body is inverted during treatment, so that the ever-present pull of the Earth’s gravity tugs at all your tissues and vertebrae from the opposite direction, often with therapeutic effects.

With gravity inversion, whether you’re hanging upside down or tilted just enough so that your head is lower than your feet, the inverted position is supposed to allow gravity to decompress your vertebrae and stretch your muscles.

Naturally, anything that promises new help for back pain relief is mired in the usual profusion of confusion, claims and competing products and techniques.

Gravity inversion has been comprehensively tested and researched, and the daddy of the many posture-inversion systems is the Gravity Guiding System.

Now widely imitated, it was developed by an orthopedic surgeon, Dr Robert M. Martin, who, in his youth, was a skilled acrobat and expert at handstands. Under proper supervision, the most disabled back sufferers – even an individual in the throes of ruptured disc pain – can attempt to be treated with Dr Martin’s gravity inversion technique

In part, the gravity inversion procedure is similar to the vertical traction used in many hospitals, with one obvious exception. Instead of being tilted towards a standing position, you are tilted towards a standing-on-your-head position in an effort to create more space between vertebrae and to diminish nerve root pressure.

“The Gravity Guiding System is more than just a safe way to hang upside down,” a lawyer who used it said. “It has added a helpful new dimension to my daily exercise program and has turned some chronic back pain into a back that is virtually pain-free.”

A film editor raved about the system: “It helped me to stretch myself out every day when I got home from work. It’s not only great for your back, but for your head, too.’ (According to yoga practitioners and to research done at the University of Chicago, the rush of blood to the head from using gravity inversion is invigorating and perhaps therapeutic.)

Another survey participant, a jeweler, also liked the Gravity Guiding System. “The boots help a great deal. I recommend them along with massage, proper nutrition, attention to posture and exercises that are not too strenuous.”

Many mail order and medical supply companies now sell gravity inversion systems based on Dr Martin’s idea. Some can be found on the Internet. But if you have substantial back pain, or if your health is impaired, do not use this or any other gravity inversion device or procedure without permission from a medical practitioner.

Research on reverse-gravity at the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine reveals that any gravity inversion procedure may pose particular risks for people with high blood pressure or glaucoma.

“The enthusiasm for gravity inversion seems almost boundless”, aid a dog trainer, “My chiropractor told me about hanging by my feet. At first I thought he was nuts. But I must say that it really works. It seems to decompress the spine. If it is hard at first, hang from the backs of your knees.”

A friend of mine went from bed rest to a half-hour workout on an anti-gravity machine and the exercises were much more than she could tolerate. You need to be gradual about it. But once you can do some regular back exercises, then you’re ready for some gravity inversion therapy or anti-gravity routines.


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